Contact me by:

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Telephone: 1-604-951-4853

My objective here is to make contacting me and asking about my art easy.  The email address above is the easiest way to get in contact.  I check that regularly.   Once we have established contact, you can ask about pieces, prices, shipping, or even just my inspiration for a painting.  If you would like to establish costs for shipping a piece, I will need to know where you live and how you would like to ship.  If you live here in Greater Vancouver BC, I can deliver the piece.      

To keep things simple for payment, I will invoice you through Square and they will confirm payment. The invoices are easy to work with and payment is done on line.  Its secure and safe for both of us.   When the piece has been shipped, I will provide you with tracking information so that you know where your painting is and when it should arrive. 

About Commissions.      I am always happy to work with you on a particular subject.  I work from photos so a good crisp digital image is the best starting place.  I need to know the size of the finished painting and then we can discuss prices.  If you have a favorite pet, a memorable flower arrangement, or your favorite image of the front of your house, I can create an elegant painting to give you a lasting keepsake.  I work in oils, so there is always a drying time to consider if you have something you need for a particular date.  Oil paintings need several weeks just to be dry to the touch. 

My hope is  to get into portrait painting at some point but that is not my strong point right now so I am going to wait awhile before I solicit commissions for portraits. 

I look forward to hearing from you and will answer any questions you have.  Bob Gunning