Thursday, 26 July 2018

The North end of Ninstints
24 x 30

The Mortuary pole of Chief Xoya with
forest and beach behind


Sea Grizzlie Eating
16 x 28

A Mythical creature, the Sea Grizzly is eating either a seal or an enemy. The pole is still
standing at Ninstints


Second Eagle in 1901
10 x 20

Second Eagle stands at House 14 in Ninstints. This image shows the pole with its frontal
plate still intact and the beak still attached


Second Ealge in 1940
10 x 20

One piece of the family crest plate still clings to the pole above the face of second Eagle


Second Eagle Afternoon Sun
24 x 48

Second Eagle, a mortuary pole of ouse 14 still stands strong after more than 170 years


A Spirit Returns to the Earth
36 x 36

The Killer Whale over Beaver pole of
of house 9 slowly fell over in the 1940's


Great Bear and the Next Generation
18 x 24

Great Bear licking the head of the next
Generation symbolizes the passing of


Second Eagle
Early Morning
12 x 24

The forest lights up behind Second Eagle, one of the Mortuary poles at House 14 in


A Profile of Bear-with-faces-on-Paws
16 x 20

The only surviving Mortuary pole of House 16 at Ninstints


Behind the Village of Ninstints
22 x 22

A Boardwalk trail in the forest behind


The Three Amigos
16 x 20

Three poles often shown together as they
stand where houses 11, 12, and 13 once
stood at Ninstints


The Watchmen at Dawn
24 x 30

The Watchmen were often carved at the top
of house frontal poles


The Face of Xoya
36 x 36

The mortuary pole for Chief Xoya
stands alone at the north end of the village of Ninstints


Treasure on the Forest Floor
36 x 36

A carved wolf's head is slowly being
covered on the forest floor


Wolf at Ketchikan
24 x 30

A modern pole in Alaska